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I’m Alexis Moreland, Entrepreneur and Investor with a focus in Local and Online Marketing as well as Commercial Real Estate

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Every entrepreneur has their own unique mindset and approach to business, and as for Alexis Moreland, I embody who I am: self-made. But behind every self-made individual is a great team of people who support each other’s visions & dreams for success. It is this through this philosophy that I have been able to own & operate three successful businesses over the past ten years out of the Sunshine State in Tallahassee. My business portfolio ranges from real estate & property development to cutting edge marketing techniques, including targeted digital signage with comprehensive advertising solutions. I believe that unfortunately, many people miss out on great opportunities to diversify their wealth and grow their business, this is why I created Grind State University as a constant reminder to strive for more. #LoveTheProcess What fuels my passion the most is helping other entrepreneurs and brands to captivate their audience and spark action. With over 10 years of experience in Advertising and Marketing you develop a sharp sense of the best methods to grow traffic, increase followers, & gain community engagement. It’s not rocket science, but there’s a method, and I can show you exactly how. One of the most powerful ways for investors to maximize their wealth is by incorporating real estate holdings into their portfolio. I have the skills & strategies necessary to identify & acquire “value add” assets that are not only profitable but also aim to revitalize neighborhoods and communities. In every business deal I try to look for the win-win solution so that as many parties as possible will have a beneficial outcome. Whether you are an entrepreneur/investor wanting to partner on real estate or a brand looking to leverage the power of digital marketing, reach out to me and drop me a line, let’s talk business. Alexis Moreland

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